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The English version of our page is still under construction. “Hoffnungbauen” alias “De Casas a Hogares Alemania e.V.” is a German NGO founded in 2006 to support the efforts of “From Houses to Homes Guatemala” helping the poor in highland Guatemala.  After volunteering with FHTH and getting to know its cofounders Oscar and Joe Collins, we established our organization in 2006 in order to continue supporting the work in Guatemala. Within the last 9 years we raised over 50,000 € in funds. We are recognized by the German tax authorities as a non-profit organization and we collaborate very closely with From Houses to Homes in the US, to whom we transfer all donations we receive.

Our principle aim is do to fund raising in Europe with a focus on Germany - but we are always keen on getting new support anywhere in Europe. We transfer all donations to “From Houses to Homes Guatemala”.All our actitivies here in Germany are based on honorary work. 

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In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to write us at: kontakt@hoffnungbauen.de

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Hoffnung bauen e.V.

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Kürten-Odenthal eG

IBAN: DE63 3706 9125 0106 8370 15


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Hoffnung bauen e.V.

Hoffnung bauen e.V.

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